Get off Your Diet and Loose Weight for GOOD

Say goodbye to the yo-yo dieting treadmill and lose weight with NO calorie-counting… NO starvation… and NO deprivation

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Most of us have been on a weight-loss diet at one time or another. And we’ve all likely enjoyed the sweet taste of success. But then life happens and, slowly but surely, the pounds creep back on and we’re back where we started from...or even worse. Sound familiar?
Now there’s a better way to drop 10, 20, 30 pounds or more and keep them off without dieting.
How? Simply by incorporating some of the latest evidence-based strategies that allow you to custom-tailor a healthy weight loss plan that works best for you — with no calorie-counting, and no starvation or deprivation.
Simple strategies for weight loss success
While many weight loss programs focus on low-fat or low-carb diets or “miracle weight-loss foods” that you have to scrupulously follow, this Online Course helps you customize a plan that you can live with to reach your weight loss goals. For example, you’ll discover:

    Foods that help protect your gut against obesity-causing bacteria in as little as one day

    How to instantly spot hidden sugars in your diet that can lead to obesity and diabetes

    10 surprising ways to get more weight-busting fiber in your diet

    9 kitchen tricks to help you slim down your meals without sacrificing an ounce of flavor

    A meal planning guide for tasty, nutritious meals guaranteed to keep you satisfied so you’ll never feel deprived

    Good fats/bad fats — how to tell which is which for weight loss and better health

    The brain-confusing problem with artificially sweetened food and drinks

    Simple tricks that let you say “no” to cravings and save hundreds of calories

    The powerful “mindful eating” strategy shown to reduce hunger and binge-eating

    3 simple stressbusters that help stymie stress eating

    12 satisfying snacks that help you control hunger between meals

    How to short-circuit the trigger that can lead to calorie-laden comfort eating

    4 simple habits of people who lose weight and keep it off

Get a sneak peek at what you’ll discover in Lose Weight and Keep It Off
PLUS: You’ll learn the truth behind commercial weight loss plans, weight loss supplements and anti-obesity drugs. You’ll get expert tips to maintain your weight-loss motivation. You’ll discover important considerations about weight-loss surgery. And so much more.
The Harvard Lose Weight and Keep It Off Online Course is overflowing with simple eating plans, practical hints and tips, food charts, and more — all the practical tools you need to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight.
Harvard Health Publishing
Harvard Medical School 
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  1. زهرا بابائی
    زهرا بابائی says:

    At first, it was to get grades, but now I understand how practical and fundamental it was, both in school and in our lives.

  2. Ghazale Derafshi
    Ghazale Derafshi says:

    Ho professor
    The article fails explain on thing. The importance of being Stay Hydrated and taking enough fibers and protein.
    Fiber has an important rule in weight loss diet.


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