Cause of Shoulder Pain

Worsening shoulder pain can keep you from enjoying daily activities. Understanding what’s wrong is the first step to finding relief.

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Shoulder pain can seem like a mild annoyance at first...but it can quickly escalate and restrict your movement, making routine activities difficult and painful.
It’s time to seek relief.
In Healing Shoulder Pain, Harvard Medical School experts guide you through the process of identify the cause of shoulder pain and mobility loss and how to find the most appropriate treatment.
Are you experiencing minor shoulder pain or major shoulder pain?
Minor shoulder pain that is related to overexertion or a small injury often can be easily managed on your own at home.

On the other hand, severe pain and limited motion in the shoulder can disrupt your life and warrants a call to your doctor — injuries that might have fractured a bone or torn soft tissue requires urgent care.

In other words, you can’t just shrug off shoulder pain

Shoulder problems rarely go away on their own. Which is why, Healing Shoulder Pain will show you how to speed their departure with information on specific diagnoses and tailored treatments.

You’ll discover:

    How to accurately troubleshoot the condition triggering your pain

    The telltale symptoms that distinguish tendinitis from bursitis

    How to effectively and safely achieve pain relief

    Why you may be increasingly vulnerable to shoulder impingement

    What condition a “Popeye muscle” bulge may signal

    The occasional unrecognized signs of a rotator cuff tear

    How to maintain flexibility and renewed range-of-motion

    And so much more!

Also included in this report is a special section, Exercises to prevent and relieve shoulder pain, which includes safe and effective workouts you can do at home.
You’ll understand the latest advances in shoulder surgery.
The report includes techniques known to help reverse and repair damage...and tips to strengthen and protect your shoulder’s mobility and durability.
You’ll also discover the important considerations when choosing a surgical procedure...what to expect before, during, and after surgery...and the breakthroughs that are lessening pain and speeding recovery.

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Harvard Medical School 
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  1. Ghazale Derafshi
    Ghazale Derafshi says:

    Hi professor
    one thing that article didn’t talk about properly is about how critical fractured shoulder is and why if you have a shoulder pain caused by fracture you should start recovery quickly.
    Clavicle Fracture , Proximal Humerus Fracture and displaced fracture are the most important ones.

  2. Ghazale Derafshi
    Ghazale Derafshi says:

    Hi professor .
    I believe shoulder pain can be recovered easily as long as its not a fracture. 3 types of fractures that are Proximal Humerus , clavicle fracture and displaced fracture seems to most critical ones and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

  3. Niloofar khoshdel
    Niloofar khoshdel says:

    Greetings to Dr. Malehi I am niloofar khoshdel from Iranian University. Unfortunately, shoulder pain which can have different causes is very painful. And one of the common reasons is sitting at the desk and working with hands. Workshops, computer jobs and… And this article helps people with these jobs and other reasons to prioritize prevention over treatment and prevent severe pain and bigger shoulder problems with methods such as cold therapy, heat therapy, massage therapy, exercise, etc. Of course, if the pain becomes severe, the relevant doctor will check the diagnosis of several factors and with medicine or surgery, it will cause recovery to some extent

  4. Dorsa dehghani fard
    Dorsa dehghani fard says:

    Shoulder pain can be mild or severe.
    Mild pain can be caused by a small injury that can be easily treated.
    Severe pain can be caused by soft tissue tears or bone fractures and other things that are very painful.
    Pain in the shoulder area can cause problems in our daily activities and reduce the quality of life.


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