Saied Malihialzackerini

Medical and Health Neuropsychologist

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Educational Background

B.A. in Clinical Psychology
M.A. in Personality Psychology
PhD. in Health Psychology

Medical Health Neuropsychologist , Member International Team for Meta-Cognitive Training and Author of MCT (Farsi Versions) for Psychosis , Depression , Borderline Personality and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

About me

Saied Malihialzackerini

Founder and Manager of Symia Psychology and Counseling Center

Co Author and Therapist Trainer of MCT Internatioal Group of the UKE (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf)

Academic Staff IAU (Islamic Azad University) -Karaj Branch

Founder & manager of Iranian Psychology and Counseling Clinic (Iranian Higher Education Institute) _ Tehran

Academic Staff  of Iranian Higher Education Institute _ Tehran

What I can do for you

Meta Cognitive Training for Psychosis

Meta Cognitive Training for Psychosis (schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders)  that targets the cognitive biases thought to contribute to the pathogenesis and maintenance of the positive and negative symptoms.

Individualized Meta Cognitive Training (MCT+)

Individualized metacognitive training for psychosis (MCT+) is designed to deepen and adapt the learning objectives of group MCT for individual clients.MCT+ combines the process-oriented approach of metacognitive group training with elements of individual cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Couple and Family Therapy

Focusing on improving relationship satisfaction and conflict resolution between couples and family members. This program is based on a problem-focused integrative family therapy perspective with attention to evidence-based practice.

Individual Psychotherapy

The primary goal of individual therapy is to increase understanding of one’s thought and behavior patterns to help increase function and well-being. we offer Psychotherapy specially for patients with Depression , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Borderline Personality and Psychosis.


For PhD and Master Students in Clinical and Health Psychology. No body become psychotherapist with studying .The role of psychotherapy supervision is critical to the process of educating and “making” psychotherapists. we will acts as a mentor, providing guidance and support, while encouraging the supervisee to grow.


Organizing conferences for psychologists and people intrested in psychology


We regularly offer practical workshops on metacognitive training for people with psychosis (MCT/MCT+/MCT-A), depression (D-MCT) , older people with depression (Silver-MCT) Borderline Personality (B-MCT) and OCD . These are aimed at psychologists, doctors, psychotherapists, specialist nurses , occupational therapists and Students (PhD and Master) in Clinical and Health Psychology

You should also know…

Our therapeutic approach is Mete Cognitive which first appeared approximately 2 decades ago by Dr. Steffen Moritz and Dr. Todd Woodward .In 2005 Dr. Saied Malihi joined to the MCT international group and prepared Farsi versions of MCT packages. This approach is based on applying the principles of cognitive and neural sciences from basic research to intervention psychotherapy, but focuses in particular on problematic thinking styles.

MCT emerged to develop a program that would help patients understand the manifestation of cognitive biases in their lives, with the hope that this awareness might increase their insight and reduce their symtoms.

This program aims to transfer knowledge of cognitive biases obtained from basic research to people diagnosed with schizophrenia, epression , obsessive compulsive disorder , Borderline Personality and other psychiatric disorders and to provide corrective experiences to patients, with the hope that it will facilitate symptom reduction and act prophylactically against relapse.
Recently, we also developed an app to complement MCT. This app, which we initially called MCT and More, has been renamed COGITO ( Its goal is to improve adherence to and maintenance of treatment gains.



Academic Staff in Department of Clinical and Health Psychology IAU

Scientist (Author of many Books) , Resercher (author of more than 100 articles) and  Teaching prof.  for PhD , Master and Bachelor Students of different branches Psychology (Health , Clinical , Personality , Counseling , Organizational and Industrial psychology)

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You know , the health status of anyone is continually changing and the “depth” of a psychological issue is difficult to determine . Also Mental disorder relapse usually occurs in several stages and patterns that are specific to each individual.
Psychological intervention can take a long time. Long term counselling gives the therapist more time to develop a true picture of the issues surrounding it.
most patients needs to meet with a psychotherapist weekly or twice weekly on a regular basis
We are ready work with you for as long as you need.
If you’re interested in long-term counseling and or psychotherapy please get in touch with us.

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