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Traumas in children and adolescents can be treated effectively

Psychotherapeutic treatment based on trauma-focused therapy is highly effective for children and adolescents who have experienced repeated traumatic events such as sexual, physical or emotional abuse.

Around 25 percent of children and adolescents exposed to traumatic events develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Repeated physical, sexual and emotional traumatization in childhood in particular carries a high risk of PTSD. The cases of sexual abuse in the Catholic church and the Russian war against Ukraine are two current examples that illustrate the scope of mass trauma events.

"PTDS is a serious, usually chronic, illness which creates severe functional impairment in everyday life of those affected," says Thole Hoppen who is the lead author of the study in collaboration with psychologists at the University of East Anglia (UK) and the University of Oslo (Norway).

There had previously been strong reservations in clinical practice as regards using trauma-focused psychotherapy to treat children and adolescents suffering PTSD from multiple traumas. This form of therapy aims at changing patients' patterns of thought and behavior that have arisen as a result of the trauma. The aim is to enable patients to confront the trauma they have experienced, under the supervision of a therapist, and thereby process the memories and their consequences.

"The widespread argument is that this therapy demands too much of patients, and that it is not very promising, inappropriate, or even dangerous," Hoppen comments. "Our analysis has enabled us to prove the opposite."

In a so-called meta-analysis, the researchers evaluated the results of all randomized controlled psychotherapy trials published so far relating to PTSD in children and adolescents. For the first time in a meta-analysis, the authors distinguished between individual and multiple trauma exposures in children and adolescents.

"Psychotherapy is highly effective for children and adolescents with PTSD—and not only after a single traumatisation," says Hoppen. "The evidence base shows that this is also the case for multiple traumas."

The results of the study are important not only for outpatient psychotherapy but also for inpatient treatment in psychiatric wards, as well as for the training of psychotherapists. The results provide hope and guidance for people affected, for their families and for those treating them.

link: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2023-03-traumas-children-adolescents-effectively.html
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  3. Fateme alizade
    Fateme alizade says:

    PTSD is a mental disorder that occurs after childhood. Basically, 6% of boys and 15% of girls who have suffered trauma, depression and child sexual abuse have this problem. People suffering from PTSD run away from anything that reminds them of their childhood trauma. Sometimes they perform the same unfortunate event in their games. Other symptoms of this problem include extreme depression, lack of concentration, excessive anger and aggression, sleep problems, etc.

  4. Fateme Hemmati
    Fateme Hemmati says:

    According to research conducted by psychologists on many patients with mental problems; The bitter events that children experience during their childhood are never forgotten. Even the experiences that a child acquires from birth to 3 years old are also stored in his subconscious. Therefore, we parents should pay attention to the mental health of children as well as their physical health.

  5. Arefeh akbarpur
    Arefeh akbarpur says:

    Perhaps one of the best solutions for treating childhood injuries is psychoanalysis. Because severe injuries during this period have many effects on people’s adulthood and completely affect a person’s mental state. Psychoanalysis helps to solve the problem by traveling to that time.

  6. Bahar aghamiri
    Bahar aghamiri says:

    There are many people who suffered psychological trauma in childhood and adolescence and this affects their quality of life and even their children. Psychotherapy can help their quality of life and even make their children experience a better life.

  7. ساناز سعادتی
    ساناز سعادتی says:

    It was a very good explanation. But in principle, any condition that causes a person to experience shock and separation, even if it does not result in physical damage, can cause trauma in a person. .

  8. ساناز سعادتی
    ساناز سعادتی says:

    Engaging in high-risk behaviors (such as speeding or having unprotected sex)
    Inability to plan or prepare for the future
    Increased risk of self-harm
    Lack of impulse control
    low self-esteem

  9. ساناز سعادتی
    ساناز سعادتی says:

    Untreated childhood trauma
    When childhood trauma is not treated, issues related to the trauma remain unresolved and as a result can be felt long term.

  10. hadis torkamandi
    hadis torkamandi says:

    25% of children and teenagers are exposed to traumatic events and ptsd disorder is common
    For example, sexual abuse is mentioned in the Catholic Church.
    According to Hoppen, PTSD is a serious illness that can be seen in everyday life.
    It is easily visible in most of my peers and other students.
    In my opinion, clinical practice for ptsd and trauma treatment is very good because this treatment is not very promising and dangerous

  11. Fatemeh Ebrahimi
    Fatemeh Ebrahimi says:

    In my opinion, the educational system should start psychotherapy with special treatment of trauma from the primary education period of children and witness remarkable results and many disorders will be resolved at a very early age.

  12. Rozhan Khajehvandi
    Rozhan Khajehvandi says:

    I really think that traumas effect on everything in our lives.
    That is such a disaster.

  13. Samira nosrati
    Samira nosrati says:

    This concept was used in psychology before it was given this name. Harry Harlow (1949, cited by Seif, 2013) first used the concept of learning to learn in a series of experiments with monkeys. In this experiment, the monkeys were forced to solve the problems that were given to them. Harlow’s interesting finding was that the more problems the monkeys solved, the better they became at solving problems, that is, the monkeys learned how to learn.

  14. شیدا عباسی
    شیدا عباسی says:

    I think trauma comes from childhood and needs to be treated, and these trauma have a huge impact on human life.

  15. شیدا عباسی
    شیدا عباسی says:

    Thank you for your material. I think trauma comes from childhood and needs to be treated, and these trauma have a huge impact on human life.

  16. Arshiya Farhangi
    Arshiya Farhangi says:

    Hi professor,I finished reading this article now and it’s really interesting and helpful.PTSD is a stress syndrome that can be caused by intense anxiety event that is very distressing.hopefully psychotherapy treatment based on trauma-focused therapy can be highly effective as said in the article.Continuity and proceeding according to the principles of the therapist and the client are important in the effective treatment process.

  17. Mona mollakazemi
    Mona mollakazemi says:

    Among the symptoms and diagnosis of PTSD in teenagers, we can mention the increase in nightmares, the feeling of numbness and depression, the increase in anger and irritability, the withdrawal from friends and the desire to avoid anything or anyone related to the trauma.

  18. Mohadese salimzade
    Mohadese salimzade says:

    Thank you, Professor, it was an interesting article and thank you. In my opinion, child psychology is an important issue that should be taken seriously. If these injuries, which may be emotional or physical in childhood, are not treated, they can affect the person and his future and life in adulthood. So what is better to solve this problem with psychotherapy and the patient’s supervision by the therapist.

  19. Sevda_jafari
    Sevda_jafari says:

    For better or worse, every adult has had a childhood. But some experiences and events in childhood can cause damage. There are many events that can cause childhood trauma in adults, generally resulting from abuse, neglect, or maltreatment. In this article, we want to discuss the common effects of childhood injuries in adults, childhood complexes, types of social injuries in children, as well as ways to treat childhood injuries and their types.


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