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Teaching for Effective Learning

Metacognition is the process of thinking about one’s own thinking and learning.

It involves knowing when you know, knowing when you don’t know, and knowing what to do when you don’t know. In other words, it involves self-monitoring and correcting your own learning processes. For example, you engage in metacognition if you notice that you are having more trouble learning concept A than concept B, or if you realize that your approach to solving a problem is not working, and you decide to try a different approach.

Metacognition also involves knowing yourself as a learner; that is, knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a learner. For example, if you can explain what your strengths are in academic writing, or exam taking, or other types of academic tasks, then you are metacognitively aware. Metacognitive processes can be applied to learning and thinking in all disciplines and contexts. It is an essential skill for life-long learning, and therefore, metacognitive skills need to be taught and discussed with students.
Metacognitive approach to supporting student learning involves promoting student metacognition – teaching students how to think about how they think and how they approach learning. Why is this important? It makes thinking and learning visible to students

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  1. dingo hitbox
    dingo hitbox says:

    This paragraph gives clear idea for the new users of blogging, that genuinely how to do blogging and

  2. Fateme Hemmati
    Fateme Hemmati says:

    Extensive research findings about the role of metacognition in areas such as problem solving, reading, writing, learning, etc. indicate that the current education system should be moved in the direction of emphasizing metacognition. If education seeks to train students who can solve the various problems of tomorrow’s changing society and take responsibility for their own learning, they should include metacognition in their programs and expand their skills. metacognitive. Because metacognitive skills help people adapt to new situations. Many experts, including Jacobsen, are of the opinion that any reform in the educational system requires considering Taking the findings of metacognitive research and using them in educational programs.

  3. Fatemeh alizadeh
    Fatemeh alizadeh says:

    An example of metacognition is understanding that one text is better for us than another. Also, when we see that the previous solution does not work for us, we change our mental decision to solve the problem, we are shining.

  4. Fatemehkaviani
    Fatemehkaviani says:

    Thus,the characteristic of metacognition is very important in making decisions and solving porblems

  5. zeinab rostami
    zeinab rostami says:

    Conclusion from the article: Metacognition and the process of thinking and learning requires knowing oneself as a learner and a metacognitive approach to support student learning, including promoting student metacognition, teaches students how to think about their way of thinking and how they deal with learning.
    My personal opinion: Metacognition and the process and thinking that was said require self-knowledge 1. The mind is a very simple and attractive guide for the growth and intelligence and emotional and social health of the child and the educational challenges of the parents and their caregivers. Example: Two brains are better than one brain. and the brain of the lower class

  6. Arefeh akbarpur
    Arefeh akbarpur says:

    In my opinion, using tried and tested methods of how to memorize and learn, each person can choose and use the one that works best for them by trial and error.

  7. Bahar aghamiri
    Bahar aghamiri says:

    I wish schools work on metacognition of students so that they know their strengths and weaknesses better. Lack of knowledge about weaknesses and strengths causes waste of energy and lower self-confidence and affects the future of a person.

  8. ساناز سعادتی
    ساناز سعادتی says:

    Considering the importance of the subject of learning as well as the high value of time and its limitations, if you intend to learn, it is better to waste your time and save both time and energy by learning effectively

  9. mohammad parsa younesi
    mohammad parsa younesi says:

    having a epistemological look to teaching and learning cause the society scientific improvements. we went to school for 12 years and the outcome was nothing which demonstrate disorder in educational system.

  10. مبینا محمدزاده
    مبینا محمدزاده says:

    Hi professor
    we can become powerful and master the expression of our emotions.I hope I can make myself stronger with metacognition.In fact, when this happens, learning is complete and accompanied by understanding the material.

  11. Fatemeh Ebrahimi
    Fatemeh Ebrahimi says:

    It is hoped that one day this theory will dominate the society and prevent people from wasting their energy

  12. nadia norouzi
    nadia norouzi says:

    hi,In fact, sometimes a person is faced with an issue that she has never seen before, and in what she sees, she is herself in a form beyond her previous self.

  13. parsa younesi
    parsa younesi says:

    this is a really helpful topic. by studying this kind of topics we can control our thoughts and behave better.

  14. کیمیا احمدوند
    کیمیا احمدوند says:

    I believe that if a person knows his strengths and weaknesses, he can be more successful. For example, a person who always considers his lack of learning as a disability, but in fact, the problem is knowing himself.

  15. Shifteh Arshian
    Shifteh Arshian says:

    I am interested in metacognition and i believe its very good to know our strength and weakness because we should know how to deal with stuff and know ourselves better.

  16. Atro soleymani
    Atro soleymani says:

    The bitter truth is that these points are not paid attention to in Iran’s educational system

  17. Hannanekazemi
    Hannanekazemi says:

    This concept is one of the concepts of mind theory, which generally has two components: one knowledge of cognition, and the other to rule cognition. The human child is not yet equipped with Metacognitive before elementary school and is unable to understand the opinions and thoughts and feelings of others, from the age of four to realize that others’ thoughts and beliefs affect their behavior, and that they may even be far from reality.

  18. Niloofar Nikooie
    Niloofar Nikooie says:

    Metacognition is an interesting subject for being taught in schools and any other academic environments. To me, actually, its a must consider in every academic curriculum.

  19. Hediyeh Masoumi
    Hediyeh Masoumi says:

    If we learn what to do and what to say where and under what conditions, we can become powerful and master the expression of our emotions.

  20. Razie nazari rad
    Razie nazari rad says:

    It is an essential skill for life-long learning, and therefore, metacognitive skills need to be taught and discussed with students

  21. Atiyeh soleymanian memandi
    Atiyeh soleymanian memandi says:

    To know ourselves and to find our weak and strong points, then we reach the metacognition of consciousness

  22. Vafaii nasim
    Vafaii nasim says:

    I am also a little weak in knowing my abilities and limitations, I hope I can make myself stronger with metacognition.

  23. Fateme Kamandi
    Fateme Kamandi says:

    I believe that if every person knows how to remember information better, he can save more time and be more successful. For example, we see people every day who think that the reason for their lack of learning is their disability, when in most cases it is because of the wrong way of learning.

  24. Azadeh shokri
    Azadeh shokri says:

    Hi professor
    I think learning the material should be such that one can use this information at special times when this happens when this happens to be fully and fully

  25. Azadeh shokri
    Azadeh shokri says:

    Hi professor
    Ithink learning the material should be such that one can use this information at special times when this happens when this happens to be fully and fully

  26. sevda_jafari
    sevda_jafari says:

    Remembering the material after several times and also the speed of remembering it also has an effective role in the type of learning. Learning the material should be in such a way that a person can make the most of this information at specific times. In fact, when this happens, learning is complete and accompanied by understanding the material.

  27. فاطمه سرحدی
    فاطمه سرحدی says:

    The learner must have developed physically, emotionally, intellectually, etc. so that learning can be done well. If some aspects of preparation are not acquired, learning will be boring and boring and not much progress will happen.

  28. Armina Armansharif
    Armina Armansharif says:

    It is good that schools teach metacognitive skills to children so that children are aware of their weaknesses and strengths to discover their talents.


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