17 heart-healthy strategies to lower your cholesterol effectively and safely!

“Take-charge” techniques that are transforming cholesterol control and giving you renewed protection from a heart attack or stroke

Dear Reader,
If you’ve ever fought high, or even elevated, cholesterol, please send for this new report from Harvard Medical School today. It will show you how you can reduce harmful cholesterol — up to 50%—and do it with confidence and success!
The report is yours risk-free — and here’s the reason why.
Just a 10% drop in LDL cholesterol can mean a 20-30% drop in your risk of a heart attack. We want you to enjoy lower risk when it comes to your heart, so there’s no risk when it comes to this offer!
There are more ways than ever to have less!
Through specific lifestyle changes and with an emerging roster of drug therapies, you can significantly lower LDL levels, dramatically reduce harmful triglycerides, and actually reverse atherosclerosis.
In this just-published report, you will learn sensible, safe, and studied strategies that will help you meet the latest guidelines for cholesterol management and reduced cardiovascular risk.
The answers you need for the cholesterol numbers you want!
Why is it so important to lower cholesterol? What is your risk of a heart attack? How can you assure that your cholesterol numbers are accurate? Managing Your Cholesterol will tell you. You’ll learn about two important protective factors you can ramp up right now...why reduced cholesterol is good for your brain as well as your heart...and how to determine — in 30 seconds — if you truly need a statin.
You’ll discover the smart, powerful, and natural steps that work!
You’ll be introduced to LDL-lowering diets that don’t demand sacrifice. You’ll find tips (and tricks) for better cholesterol balance. You’ll read about three tasty ways to lower triglycerides. Plus, the Report will brief you on four cholesterol-corraling superfoods...a surprising HDL-boosting beverage ...and the one exercise regimen that can lower the proportion of the most dangerous LDL particles.
You’ll find the wisest and safest choices in medications — and more!
You’ll get candid assessments of 30 popular cholesterol-reducing drugs (including low-cost generics.) You’ll learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your statin. You will be introduced to exciting new alternatives, including an injection that shrinks the risk of heart attacks...a medication that stops cholesterol from reaching the bloodstream...and a slick prescription oil that cuts triglycerides in half!
What’s gone up, can come down! Managing Your Cholesterol will show you how. Remember, this empowering Special Report is yours 100% risk-free! Don’t wait. Order today!

The Managing Your Cholesterol Special Health Report includes:
✓	3 easy ways to improve the accuracy of your cholesterol test
✓	The type of cholesterol that is actually good for your arteries
✓	Why some people may be able to take lower doses of a cholesterol-lowering statin
✓	9 heart disease risk factors you can change
✓	Plus, you get a Special Bonus Section: Lifestyle changes to improve your lipid levels
✓	And so much more!

Harvard Health Publishing
Harvard Medical School 
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  1. Hannaneh Ghalandari
    Hannaneh Ghalandari says:

    Hello Professor, you have prepared a very comprehensive and good article, thank you, and my suggestion is to use natural and herbal oils that have less palm oil and do not cause blood vessels to clog, and to prevent the blockage of the heart arteries, a complete check-up should be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor at least once a year. Let’s give and control the blood pressure.


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