Why People Over 60 Are Now
Hearing Whispers

Harvard doctors reveal the truth about hearing loss… what to do if your hearing is a problem… plus how to enjoy better hearing at any age

Dear Reader,

Imagine if there were ways to improve your hearing so you could hear as well as you did decades ago.
So you could easily hear what people are saying at a loud party… or soft sounds like your grandchild’s whispered secret.
And you’d never have to suffer from the embarrassment of needing to ask people to repeat themselves. Or worry about not hearing something that could put you in danger, like a smoke alarm.
Here’s great news. You can regain your hearing. And there are proven ways to hold on to your hearing. Now Harvard Medical School doctors reveal all the surprising facts about hearing loss in their Special Health Report Coping with Hearing Loss, A guide to prevention and treatment.

Do you really need a hearing aid?

When most people think about a hearing aid, they picture big embarrassing contraptions stuck on their ears. Even worse, over the years you may have noticed that hearing aids didn’t seem to work well for other people. So how well could they work for you?
Well, there have been a lot of advances in the last few years. In this report you’ll discover that some new hearing aids are so tiny, no one can see them. You’ll also learn about new breakthroughs in hearing aid technology that make sounds crisp and clear. Plus you’ll find out about solutions like surgery that can treat your hearing loss if a hearing aid isn’t right for you.
Best of all, you’ll know all the secrets to preventing hearing loss — so you’ll never miss out on a good joke’s punch line, an important word in a conversation, or the sweet sound of birdsong in the morning.
In this special report, you’ll find out the latest, proven solutions including:

    How to stop hearing the ringing in your ears that’s driving you crazy

    The do-it-yourself 5-minute hearing test

    Why you should never buy a hearing aid through the internet or a magazine ad

    The “magic number” for protecting your precious hearing

    How to choose the best hearing aid that fits your lifestyle

    8 medications to avoid that can give you permanent hearing loss

    And much more!

Coping with Hearing Loss, A guide to prevention and treatment gives you all the must-know facts about hearing loss. You’ll find out all the ways to treat hearing loss so you can regain your hearing. Even better, you’ll discover the secrets to preventing hearing loss. So you can enjoy an active social life and hear well at any age.
Harvard Health Publishing
Harvard Medical School 
9 replies
  1. Paniz shhabazi
    Paniz shhabazi says:

    In my opinion, having good hearing in old age and not repeating it from others, which causes shame and despair for people, is amazing news, and the discoverers of this practice should be admired, and if you can find ways to deal with it, it would be wonderful. This initiative in unspecified hearing aid manufacturers also creates self-esteem and self-confidence in people.

  2. alireza noche
    alireza noche says:

    Many people think that the only way to improve hearing is to use hearing aids. But in fact, besides hearing aids, you can get help from various other methods to strengthen your hearing.

  3. Fatemeh Ebrahimi
    Fatemeh Ebrahimi says:

    Today, there are many options for hearing treatment, and fortunately there is no more worry, but it is better to continue to have a healthy lifestyle in order to care and protect it and not to postpone the healthy lifestyle to the middle years or even one year.

  4. Darya Ghaderi
    Darya Ghaderi says:

    how interesting
    I have read about people who have hearing loss that there are hearing aids that help to improve hearing a lot and a person can easily hear sounds and his self-esteem increases and also this hearing aid can be connected to a mobile phone and Use headphones

  5. Ghazale Derafshi
    Ghazale Derafshi says:

    scientists came up with many new methods to cope with ear loss in the past and it seems in modern days there are many options for an old person to treat their hearing

  6. Fatemeh khorsand fard دانشگاه ایرانیان
    Fatemeh khorsand fard دانشگاه ایرانیان says:

    There are a variety of ways to maintain hearing health.To prevent hearing loss,we can use vitamins for prevention and take special diets. Avoid the risk of ear damage and infections.

  7. Fatemeh khorsand fard
    Fatemeh khorsand fard says:

    There are a variety of ways to maintain hearing health.To prevent hearing loss,we can use vitamins for prevention and take special diets. Avoid the risk of ear damage and infections.

  8. Orna shayanfar
    Orna shayanfar says:

    There are countless ways to keep your hearing healthy. Protecting the ear from constant exposure to danger and preventing ear infections is definitely a fundamental task. However, a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise, a balanced diet and hearing-affecting vitamins can do its fair share to prevent or delay hearing loss.


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