Discover how to keep your brain its healthiest best!

Learn the 6 simple steps that can enhance your mental stamina, boost your memory, and provide added years of robust cognitive fitness.

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Cognitive fitness goes far beyond just memory. It embraces thinking, learning, recognition, and sound decision-making. Cognitive fitness is the bedrock of a rewarding and self-sufficient life.
You can be “brain-healthy” for life!
This Special Health Report will show you how to sidestep threats to your brain’s wellness. You’ll learn how to build a “cognitive reserve” to address your brain’s changes. And most of all, you’ll gain the tools to shape and secure lasting and fulfilling cognitive vitality.
As never before, you can attain enduring brain health. Doctors at Harvard Medical School have identified six steps, which together can spur and protect cognitive fitness.
This multi-pronged brain fitness program includes and integrates proven approaches like optimal nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, social interaction, sleep, and stimulating activities.
A program that makes good sense — and designed for your success!
This guide will equip you to give your brain the attention it needs to stay at its best. The program will help you maintain a responsive memory, sustain your learning abilities, and remain confident that your mental skills will continue to serve you well.
This guide shares the wisest choices to defend your brain against the effects of aging. At the heart of the program are modest — but specific — changes in your diet, exercise regimen, and your lifestyle.
You’ll master the strategies that will stimulate your thinking!
You’ll be introduced to easy-to-follow brain-friendly diets. You’ll find five delicious foods linked to better brainpower. And you'll learn a little-known secret to maximizing exercise’s cognitive benefits.

You’ll find tips to ease stress and to get the sleep essential for memory. You’ll learn the keys to a brain-power nap, 10 tested methods to manage stress, and tricks to beat insomnia naturally.

The Special Health Report will help you strengthen your brain’s agility and nurture the personal interactions that keep your mind engaged. You’ll be briefed on techniques to supercharge your mental workouts, effective ways to foster an invigorating social network, and much more.
Don’t wait. See this empowering report for yourself. After all, there’s nothing better than making up your own mind!
In A Guide to Cognitive Fitness, you’ll find...
✓ 	Cognitive fitness: Your No. 1 health goal
✓ 	How cognitive function is shaped over a lifetime
✓ 	STEP 1: Eat a plant-based diet
✓ 	STEP 2: Exercise regularly
✓ 	STEP 3: Get enough sleep
✓ 	STEP 4: Challenge your brain
✓ 	And more!

Harvard Health Publishing
Harvard Medical School 
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  1. Fatemeh Ebrahimi
    Fatemeh Ebrahimi says:

    How interesting and thought-provoking that all the good things in the body, including the brain, originate from a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes we ignore it.


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